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John B. Wigle - 12/7/2017

Thousands of Members have already taken advantage of this 24-hour emergency and medical assistance service available to VFW members. so register WITHIN 10 days to take advantage of this members-only pricing.



To the Post10825 Family,

Our broad package of medical assistance services are VITAL in an emergency — whether you’re on a short trip a few hours from home … traveling on business or on vacation with the Trevino family… or even out of your home state (including trips out of the country).

Called Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®), this dependable program helps you handle almost any crisis when you’re away from home.  It’s a critical safety net that helps pay for emergencies your health insurance generally will NOT cover.

And it’s yours for a low member-only price … starting at less than 32¢ per day … available on a fully guaranteed basis. That means you cannot be turned down when you enroll before 10 days.

To help you quickly take care of this time-sensitive matter, just visit the EA+ Online Validation Center. Everything you need to enroll in your emergency services is included on this secure, fully-encrypted website.

But it’s important to act on this notice right away. I strongly urge you to lock in your guaranteed protection by going to the Online Validation Center today.


John B. Wigle
John B. Wigle
Worldwide Rescue & Security
for the EA+ Program



Enrollment is required to place your name on the "ACTIVE” list. Your EA+ status is currently marked "provisional.” That entitles you to streamlined enrollment privileges when you act within the next 10 days.

Please enroll to get your EA+ protection now.

You’re already pre-approved so you cannot be turned down. Please enroll for your expanded plan privileges now.

Rounded Rectangle: Enroll NowEnroll Now

Call 1-855-837-2634

Note: If the links above don’t work, please copy the following address into your web browser to be redirected to the secure VFW Member EA+ Online Validation Center: https://www.emergencyassistanceplus.com/vf-21484-lp1


Please do not reply to this message. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-855-837-2634 Monday - Friday, between 8 AM and 7 PM Eastern Time.

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The EA+ Program is available for purchase through the VFW Member Benefits Program.

The EA+® and Emergency Assistance Plus® service marks are federally registered and owned by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc. The Emergency Assistance Plus® program is owned and operated by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., and the individual Member relationships and all written materials, information and goodwill associated with the service marks and program are the confidential property of Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc.

This information is only an outline of the Plan’s features. The full rules and regulations of the plan are shown in your Member Guide. Please read it carefully.

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